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Wake up in a strange and nightmarish place.
 Where the only way to escape is by solving
 the labyrinth.  Keep your guard up and 
watch your back.  You are not alone in
 these halls. 
Stealth will help you evade the horrific
 entities that inhabit this place. 
 Overcome all the traps in this 
terrifying adventure, discover the 
truth behind this nightmare and 
reveal your dark destiny.


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ERASED BACKROOMS PC v 1.0.3.zip 223 MB

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Honestly, I purposely turned off the headset so I don't hear horror music

Klasse Game, hat mir absolut gefallen mir während des zockens in die Hose zu scheißen!

scary place

Cool game, played it twice.

Story 10, music 10, stress level 10. The game 10.




Love the game it was super terrifying! 10/10
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Up until the end, I was quite confident that I was alone in those halls... I couldn't have been more wrong...

Although I encountered my fair share of frustration, I did enjoy this little experience overall! I haven't felt nearly as uneasy playing a game in quite some time!


One of the BEST backroom horror game ever, it scared the shit out of me

When i say you GONNA GET JUMPSCARED....i mean it

Forgot to put this here but this game scared the hell out of me lol

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This game actually scared me a bit!

Gameplay BR

Nice game, but extreme dark...


i reach level 3


im going to die soon

this game is INTENSE!!!!  


This has to be one of the scariest backroom games I have ever played!

I have never been more scared to the point of a panic attack and not only does it give you a terrifying scare it looks the part as well! the game looks amazing and the controllers feel great! but the biggest positive I have for this game is its story, as this backrooms seems to be more psychological rather than physical, with 3 endings to get and a awesome story to unpack, this game will leave you asking questions and wanting to play and know more! all in all, this game was fantastic!
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YUHUHHHHHH great game, really scary, didn't even finish it to scary for me Lmao

yk you wanna watch my video


Already seeying the images  looks like the scrarier verson of the backrooms. I have to try it

I played your game and It was fantastic but then raged quit a unistalled It but its still good keep this up!


The Creepiest Backroom I played yet. I was freaked out but overall it's a great game it kind of gave me stranger things vibes I'm not sure if that was on purpose but it was 10/10 


I literally got spooked, the fact that the jumpscares are not expected at specific time is what makes this game more scary, although it's glitchy and sometimes i no-clipped out of nowhere which is what defines backroom really is. Anyways, i love it keep up the goodwork, Here's my Reaction Video about the gameplay if you wanna watch, Thanks!


Honestly this game was fairly terrifying i didn't know what to expect but you got me good multiple times! Would love to see a continuation of the Story! Playthrough Starts at 1:34

IT'S YA BOY MARKYFBABY! Let's go over the bad things - there's only one thing & it has to be the VHS effect. Quick fix is to tone that down just a little bit. Other than this, this is the BEST indie scary game based on the Backrooms as of yet & I've played the Backrooms Project and Backrooms 1998 Found Footage (both of these are $9.99 and I do not recommend after playing this). I've managed to get the good and bad endings & I searched up the Secret Ending in the comments. Here's my experience!

Que juegazo la verdad! tensión de principio a fin, lo mejor en backrooms que he visto hasta la fecha, un gran trabajo ;)


That's probably the scariest atmosphere I've seen in a Backrooms game. Nice job on this one! The VHS effect is a little heavy at times but it definitely adds to the creepiness. It took a little while but eventually I got all of the endings. Thanks!


This game is amazing !

Of all the backrooms I've played this one so far is the best, a great mix of puzzle and urgency but could use a tone down on the vhs style. Still really terrifying. 

Another one posted this game on Itch.io


Thank you very much for letting us know. we will take action.

Hey! Congratulations on this game, can you write me at media@indiefist.com?

good game! i enjoy it!


This game was really fun! I will definitely revisit it at night. The jumpscares were amazing, and I think it would be a completely different experience late at night.

Gave this game a good go! INTENSE- I like the idea of the entity having that high pitched, eerie music attached to it. made my freaking skin crawl.

For me, who is Thai, I'm not good at English.

I think this game is really fun, but the downside is that the sound is a bit too loud.

There should be a system to adjust the sound settings should be good.

But overall, I like it, it's fun and I'm scared a lot.

[I'm using google translator, so sorry for the mistake.]

Probably the best game I've played on my channel! Well done guys! Great game! Here's my play through if anyone's interested:

This game environment was crazy

The game is fun, the glitching vision not so much
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